Vampires sucking your energy bills

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What is an Energy Vampire

Energy vampires are appliances that continue to suck energy even when power is turned off. In isolation, each device may not make much difference in energy use however, collectively they can account for 10% off your monthly bill or up to $100 per year. 

Why do Vampire devices suck Energy?

Vampire power, also known as standby power, refers to energy drawn by appliances when not in use. These appliances enter a standby mode rather than powering down because they are running background functions like Wi-fi checks, downloading content and having to prepare for remote touch or voice activation. 

What Vampire appliances suck the most energy?

Canstar Blue ran a study in 2021 comparing the standby costs of common household appliances. Some of the hungriest appliances and devices include gaming consoles, washing machines, wireless modems and dishwashers. Other standby energy costs include leaving electronic devices that feel warm on, when not in use such as your laptop power pack or phone charger when your phone is charged at 100%.

How to slay the Vampires

1) The best way to save on standby costs is to turn off appliances, not in use at the power outlet.

2) If your power plug is inaccessible, smart plug devices allow you to turn the power on and off easily, many of them using your smartphone as a remote control.

3) Check the energy rating of your appliances. Generally, the more energy-efficient an appliance or device is, the less electricity it uses on standby mode.

4) Adjust your standby settings. Often smart devices like televisions and game consoles allow you to stop running background functions like scanning for wi-fi and updates.

5) Track your electricity usage. This is a great time to open your EMS app and start monitoring your Energy Vampires.


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