Computers and general appliance tips

We’re a digital, appliance-heavy world so we’re using more electricity and power than ever. While the main tip for saving money would be to switch appliances off at the wall completely or limit their usage, it’s not always practical. So here are some quick tips you can actually implement today to make a difference:

1. Follow the stars

Well, the energy star ratings at least. Before making a big purchase on a new appliance, do your research to find out about its power efficiency and how it will work in your home and your budget. While better energy rating units can be slightly more expensive initially, the cost of using less power over time could dramatically drop your bills and make up for it.

2. Stop the standby

Our devices and appliances are getting smarter and smarter, which means they normally turn themselves off when you stop using them. Except, they actually just go into standby mode, which is like they’re sleeping. If they’re plugged into the wall, even if you’re not using them, your appliances are still getting power. Switch off your appliances or computers at the wall when you don’t need them and you could make an impact on your energy bills and overall usage.

3. Optimise your office space

If you regularly use printers, scanners, monitors and modems in the office, it might be wise to invest in a separate power board just for them that you can switch off when not in use without affecting your computer. A smart switchboard will allow you to control it, turn it on and off from anywhere that you have access to the app. Perfect for if you always forget to switch off the plugs before you leave for the day!