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Chimney Seals Saves Money on Electricity Bills

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Do you have an unused chimney or an old Chimney Seal that lets in cold draughts into your home?

If you have an unused chimney, you could be saving money from your electricity bills by sealing your chimney when not in use. Heating and cooling account for 40% of the average Australian household’s energy use.

Open fireplaces can be a significant form of heat loss for a home. A fireplace without a removable seal within the chimney can lead to a cold draft, and heat loss during winter months. And work in reverse if the summer months, with cooled air from air conditioning escaping via an open chimney. It’s a bit like leaving a door or big window permanently open.

A Removable Chimney Seal is an easy solution that can be installed quickly and removed, offering an easy solution that prevents cold draughts from entering the home and reduces noise and debris from falling from an unused chimney.

Chimney Seal - How it works

How much does Chimney Seal Cost?

Installing a removable chimney is FREE if you live in Victoria. Why? Victorian Government rebates offset the cost of product and installation of removable chimney seals. Click here to register for your free chimney seal.

If you live in Victoria, old Chimney Seals fitted also qualify for a FREE  upgrade, provided they were not installed after 10 Dec 2018.

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